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HydroShield Cat Litter Mat: Dual Layer Waterproof & Non-Slip

HydroShield Cat Litter Mat: Dual Layer Waterproof & Non-Slip

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HydroShield Cat Litter Mat Specifications:

  • Type: Cat Litter Mat
  • Material: Dual-layered, waterproof material
  • Features:
    • Double-Layered Design: Traps excess litter from cat paws, ensuring a cleaner environment.
    • Waterproof: Protects floors from urine or water spills.
    • Non-slip Base: Keeps the mat securely in place, preventing accidental shifts.
    • Washable: Easy to clean, ensuring prolonged hygiene.
    • Sand Trap Technology: Efficiently captures stray litter granules.
  • Use: Suitable for placement under any cat litter box.
  • Bonus: Comes with a complimentary gift (details not specified).
  • Purpose: Ensures a tidy litter area by minimizing litter scatter and protecting floors.
  • Cleaning: Suitable for both hand washing and machine washing.
  • Durability: Made with premium materials for extended longevity.


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