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PupPack Adventure Kit: Stroll, Scoop & Sip!

PupPack Adventure Kit: Stroll, Scoop & Sip!

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Pawstrip PupVenture Bundle: Unleash Fun, Everywhere! 🐾✨

Every dog has its day, and with Pawstrip's PupVenture Bundle, make every walk a tail-wagging event!

🐕 Perfect for Tiny Trotters to Zippy Zoomers: Whether you have a snazzy Shih Tzu, a yappy Yorkie, a chic Chihuahua, or a playful Pitbull – we've got you!

🎨 Radiant Colors: Choose from vivacious Green, ravishing Red, bold Blue, or pretty-in Pink to match your furry friend's personality.

📏 Size Matters: Go long or play it short – with retractable lengths of 3M/5M, adventures big or small await!

🌦 All-Weather Buddy: Come rain or shine, in any season, our leash is designed to be your dog's perfect outdoor companion.

🌀 Retractable Leash: Give your pet the freedom to explore while you maintain control.

🗑 Stay Clean, Stay Green: Equipped with a dog waste bag dispenser. Because we care for Mother Earth as much as you do!

💧 Hydrate On-The-Go: Surprise! Our leash comes with an automatic dog bowl. Stay, sip, and play anytime, anywhere!

🌟 Unique to You: Make a statement! Personalize it to flaunt your pet's one-of-a-kind charisma.

🏆 Premium Material: Crafted with durable nylon – ensuring a blend of strength and comfort.

🛍 Product Details:

  • SKU: DM6277
  • Pattern: Timeless solid color
  • Brand: pawstrip – where every paw leaves a mark!

Get ready to make every walk, a walk to remember! Turn heads and tails with the Pawstrip PupVenture Bundle. It's more than just a leash; it's an experience! 🌈🐶🎉

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